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124 Chassis 1986-1993
1986-1993 Models  200/200T/, 200D/200TD, 200E/200TE, 230E/230TE, 230CE, 250D/250TD, 260E, 300E/300TE, 300D/300TD 400E, 420E, 500E

The worlds largest selection of new, used and reconditioned Mercedes-Benz 124 chassis air conditioning and heating parts. We have hoses, climate control units, compressors, vacuum valves, expansion valves, receiver/dryer units, temperature switches, HVAC valves, heater control regulators, mono valve repair kits, control valves, heater hoses vacuum change over valves, 3/2 valves. Whether you're restoring a classic or  keeping your daily driver running and looking its best we have the parts you need.

Drive Line and Axels
Axel boot kit Drive shaft center support Wheel bearings
Axel shaft seal Drive shaft center support bearing Wheel bearings, kits and seals
CV axel shafts Drive shaft coupling boot  
Differential mount Drive shaft end bushing  
Differential pinion seal & o-ring Drive shaft flex joint kit  

Axel boot kit
Rear Inner
Rear outer
Axel boot kit.
 Qty. required 2
Inner   $ 27.61
List        60.00
Outer     30.43
List        85.00
124 Axel boot kit rear

Axel shaft seal
Rear outer
Axel shaft seal.
Qty. required 2
Rear outer $ 9.72
List            10.00
124 rear axle seal outer


CV Axel Shaft
Long version
Short version
CV Axel shaft
Long version with two spline ends (homokinetic joiint) up to 176782
Short version. with one spline (anular joint). w/o flange from 176783
Long   $ 127.49
List        625.00
Short         0
List            0
124 Axel Shaft

Differential Mount
Differential mount rear
Differential pinion seal
Differential mount rear
Mount   $ 56.16
List        105.00
124 Diff mount

Differential Side Cover o-ring
Differential pinion seal
Differential Side Cover o-ring
Differential pinion seal
O-ring   $ 2.00
List         1.90
Seal          9.37
List         14.00
124 Diff o-ring and pinion seal

Drive Shaft Center Support
Febi w/o bearing
Meyle w/o bearing
Drive Shaft Center Support
Febi   $ 26.46
List       59.00
Meyle   22.45
List       59.00
124 Drive shaft c support

Center Support Bearing
Center Support Bearing
Bearing $ 14.55
List          29.50
124 Ctr support bearing

Drive Shaft Coupling Boot
Drive Shaft End Bushing
Drive Shaft Coupling Boot
Drive Shaft End Bushing
Boot     $  4.96
List          5.90
Bushing  19.47
List         49.00
124 Drive shaft boot and bushing

Drive Shaft Flex Joint Kit
Kit with hardware 1978 thru 1981(A)
Drive Shaft Flex Joint Kit.
Kit with hardware
Req. 2 per drive shaft
A     $ 66.74
List     82.00
124 Flex joint kit

Drive Shaft Flex Joint
Febi w/o hardware
Meyle w/o hardware
Drive Shaft Flex Joint.
No hardware
Req. 2 per drive shaft
Febi     $ 58.50
List         97.00
Meyle     45.79
List         97.00
124 Flex joint

Wheel Bearings
SKF Front inner
SKF front outer
Wheel bearings.
230,240D,TD, 280E,CE, 300D, CD, TD.1978 thru 1985
Req. 1 of each per wheel
Front inner  $12.21
List              47.50
Front outer     9.68
List              32.50
124 Wheel bearings front

SKF rear inner
SKF rear outer
Wheel bearings.
Req. 1 of each per wheel
Rear inner  $0
List              47.50
Rear outer    23.79
List              57.00
124 Wheel bearings rear

Wheel Bearing Kit Front
Front FAG
Front Meyle
Wheel bearing kit front.
Req. 1 per wheel
FAG  $  43.44
List       82.00
Meyle    36.25
List       82.00
124 Wheel bearing kit front

Wheel Bearing Kit Rear
Rear Meyle
Rear Rouville
Wheel bearing kit rear.
Req. 1 per wheel
Meyle   $ 67.22
List        127.00
Rouville   60.05
List         61.11
124 Wheel bearing kit rear

Wheel Bearing Seal
Wheel bearing seal front
Front   $4.52
List       10.00
124 Wheel bearing seal front

Wheel Bearing Seal
Rear Inner
Rear Outer
Wheel bearing seal rear
Inner   $ 3.65
List        6.75
Outer    4.01
List       13.00
124 Wheel bearing seal rear

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