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124 Chassis 1986-1993
1986-1993 Models  200/200T/, 200D/200TD, 200E/200TE, 230E/230TE, 230CE, 250D/250TD, 260E, 300E/300TE, 300D/300TD 400E, 420E, 500E

The worlds largest selection of new, used and hard to find Mercedes-Benz 124 chassis air conditioning and heating parts. We have auxiliary water pumps, coolant recovery tanks, retrofit kits, coolant tank caps, sensors, cooling fans, fan blades, fan clutches, fan shrouds, oil coolers and lines, radiators and caps, radiator hoses, thermostats transmission coolers and lines, water pumps and a lot more.

Whether you're restoring a classic or  keeping your daily driver running and looking its best we have the parts you need.

Cooling System
Auxiliary engine water pump Fan shroud Thermostat
Coolant by-pass hose Gaskets and seals Thermostat banjo fitting
Coolant recovery tank Oil cooler Thermostat gasket
Coolant recovery tank hose Oil cooler lines Thermostat housing gasket
Coolant recovery tank retrofit kit Radiator Transmission fluid cooler fitting
Coolant recovery tank cap Radiator cap Transmission fluid cooler hose
Engine coolant temp sensors Radiator drain plug  
Electric cooling fan Radiator hoses Water pump
Fan blade Radiator mount bushings Water pump gasket
Fan clutch Radiator mount clip kit  

Auxiliary engine water pump
Auxiliary engine water pump
 Qty. required 1
Bosch   $ 107.01
MTC          71.31
List          284.00
124 Aux water pump

Coolant recovery tank
California version
Federal version
Coolant recovery tank. -
California  $ 62.38
List            68.00
Federal      41.00
List            47.00
124 Expansion/recovery tank

Coolant recovery tank hose
Coolant recovery tank hose
Retrofit kit
Coolant recovery tank retrofit kit
Coolant recovery tank hose.
Coolant recovery tank retrofit kit.
Coolant hose $ 26.52
List                  37.50
Retrofit kit        10.50
List                 14.00
124 Recovery hose and kit

Engine coolant temp sensors
Front 1978 thru 1985
Rear 1982 thru 1985
Engine coolant temp sensors
Front   $  6.88
List       27.00
Rear      16.81
List       40.00
124 Temp sensors

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Electric cooling fan
Electric cooling fan.
Bosch $ 217.41
List        360.00
Meyle     110.50
List        360.00
124 electric cooling fan

Fan blade
Fan blade.
New   71.31
List    78.00
Used  45.00
124 electric cooling fan

Fan clutch
Up to 036024 (A)
From 036025 (B)
Fan clutch.
New   A    $ 98.14
List            304.00
Used  A       50.00
New   B     218.77
List            384.00
Used  B       95.00
124 Fan clutch

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Fan Shroud
Fan Shroud 300 series (A)
Fan shroud. 240 series (B)
Fan shroud.
Fan shroud
A    $ 32.00
List    34.50
B    $ 30.51
List    36.00
124 Fan shroud

Gaskets and seals
Water pump to engine gasket (A)
Water pump to housing gasket (B)
Gaskets and seals.
A Water pump to engine gasket
B Water pump to housing gasket
A     $ 2.10
List     3.90
B        1.50
List     1.90
124 Water pump gaskets

Gaskets and seals
Thermostat (C)
Thermostat housing to cyl head(D)
Gaskets and seals
C Thermostat
D Thermostat housing to engine
C       $  1.50
List        3.50
D           1.50
List        1.70
124 Water pump gaskets
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Oil cooler
Oil cooler
Oil cooler lines (used only)
Oil cooler.
Oil cooler lines.
Cooler New  $ 415.43
          Used    150.00
List               730.00
Cooler lines     95.00
124 Oil cooler

Behr 1982 thru 1985
Nissens 1982 thru 1985
Req. 1
Behr   $ 401.00
List        584.00
Nissens 217.00
List        584.00
124 Radiator

Behr   $ 347.10
List       418.00
Nissens 302.01
List       418.00
124 Radiator

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Behr 240
Radiator cap style.
Behr $ 209.43
List     418.00
124 Radiator

Radiator mount clip kit.
Radiator mount clip kit
Radiator mount bushings.
Radiator mount bushings
Radiator mount clip kit.
Radiator mount bushings.
Clip kit  $ 8.50
List        10.00
Bushings 1.50
List         3.90
124 Radiator mounting

Behr   $ 25.60
List       27.50
Whaler  20.01
List       27.50
124 Thermostat
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Radiator Hoses
Lower 82 thru 85 (A)
Upper 82 thru 85 (B)
Radiator hose.
Match to picture for proper fit
A    $ 8.25
List  27.00
B       9.02
List  25.00
124 Radiator hose
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Lower 76 thru 81 (C)
Upper 76 thru 81 (D)
Radiator hose.
Match to picture for proper fit
C    $ 15.94
List    29.50
D         9.56
List    25.00
124 Radiator hose

Coolant by-pass hose
Coolant by-pass hose.
Between thermostat housing and water pump housing
Replace this when replacing radiator hoses.

Radiator / Coolant reservoir cap
Radiator / Coolant reservoir cap 120 deg.
Radiator drain plug
Radiator / Coolant reservoir cap. 120 deg centigrade
Radiator drain plug.
Cap  $  7.50
List     21.00
Plug     4.14
List      7.75
124 Coolant cap & plug

Water Pump
Water pump.
Meyle  $ 64.74
List       216.00
Graf       73.68
List       216.00
124 Water pump

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Transmission fluid cooler hose
Transmission fluid cooler hose
Transmission fluid cooler seal
Transmission fluid cooler hose.
Transmission fluid cooler fitting.
Hose $ 14.91
List      30.00
Seal      1.90
List       1.20
124 Trans cooler hose
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