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Veg-energy collects  used kitchen oil and grease in the San Bernardino, Riverside, Orange and LA Counties.

Grease and oil collection is free and trap cleaning is usually around 22 cents per gallon.

Over the years we have seen hundreds of thousands of gallons of perfectly good (for VegOil cars) cooking oil get turned into hog feed or dumped into the landfills. So we started Veg-energy



Environmentally Responsible
 Grease/Oil Removal
Grease Trap Cleaning



Our goal is to put this great natural resource to good use, recycled into a usable fuel that can help us gain independence from foreign and domestic fossil fuels, reduce pollution in our environment, minimize our effect on global warming and help pass a Clean, Healthy Earth on to the next generation.

One of the biggest roadblocks to producing an oil suitable for use in VegOil cars is the avoidance of hydrogenated oils. In response to public demand the food industry has been changing, kitchens and processors who have always used lard and hydrogenated oils have started switching to pure vegetable oil as a way to provide a healthier product for their customer.


We thank the companies with the courage and commitment to make the switch and hope that more will follow in their foot steps . This is great for us as a food consuming public and it provides a readily available fuel source for our VegOil cars.

We want to stay away from hydrogenated oils as they tend to solidify at higher temperatures and prematurely clog filters. Their is also talk of them eating away at some internal engine parts, but the jury is still out on that subject.

Our Veg-energy program collects only non-hydrogenated cooking oils, no lard, no hydrogenated oils.  We use separate trucks for those products and we always suggest that our customers switch to a healthier non-hydrogenated cooking oil and become an earth friendly partner.


Over the last eight or ten years ( mid 1990's) we have seen the introduction of Bio-diesel into the (almost) mainstream of US fuel usage. Most of the oil that can't be used in straight VegOil vehicles we recycle into Biodiesel. This is far better than the alternative of feeding it to the hogs, spraying it on dirt roads or dumping it in the landfill. The only drawback with Biodiesel is that we start with the same raw material, VegOil, then we add chemicals and additional processing costs so the end product usually costs the same or more than petro-diesel, making it difficult for the average consumer to choose the earth friendly product. Filtered VegOil is still the most earth friendly and cost effective fuel source.



Call us at (909) 762-3948 to schedule a delivery, find an installer or join our Earth Friendly Business Program.