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Parts, Filters, etc.



This is what makes the system work!

Easy, Convenient, Reliable delivery of VegOil to your Home or Business.

Collecting your own oil is dirty, smelly, time consuming work and filtering the oil is a messy chore that no one wants to do.


Then the questions:
Is bag/gravity filtering adequate?
Is the oil hydrogenated or non-hydrogenated ?
How much moisture does the oil have?
Will settling remove enough of the moisture?
How long does the oil have to settle before I can filter it and put it in my car?

You just want the Oil, let us do the dirty work.




Getting VegOil delivered to your home or business is easy.

- Call us and tell us what area you're in.

- We'll let you know which days and times are open in  your area.
- You pick the most convenient time for your delivery.
- That's it you're in the schedule.
We can't pump the oil into your vehicle's tank, so have a container ready. If you don't have a suitable container let us know, we have recycled 55 gallon barrels and 250gallon gallon totes available     





Whether you have one car or a fleet of fifty trucks, we can design an on site filling program to fit your needs.

A filling station can be as simple and eco-friendly as a 55 gallon recycled drum with a hand crank pump or as elaborate as a 500+ gallon polyethylene tank with commercial pump, gas station style filler and gallons used meter.


     Filtered VegOil   WVO                          3.50 / gal
     New VegOil SVO (when available)       4.00 / gal
     Delivery 50 gal or more         Free within 50 mi
     Less than 50 gal                                 30.00
     prices subject to change with market fluctuation
    Filling Station Parts
      55 gallon drum. (recycled)              $ 35.00
    250 gallon poly tote (recycled)           150.00
    Hand crank pump                                65.00   
    110 v pump w/gas station type filler   350.00


Call us at (909) 762-3948 to schedule a delivery, find an installer or join our Earth Friendly Business Program.