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mercedes auto works


We strive to provide a consistent quality product, produced with renewable and sustainable resources that our VegOil powered friends can use with confidence.


In order to provide the highest quality filtered vegetable oil possible we have adapted drying and filtering techniques from several different industries. We feel the end product is superior to oil dried and filtered by less advanced methods. This provides you with longer engine and filter life and better overall performance.


mercedes auto works

The standard homebrew method for processing  veg-oil to be used as a fuel is to heat the oil and let it settle for up to a few weeks until the heavier water and contaminants float to the bottom. Then pull the cleaner oil at the top off and pour or pump it through consecutive bag filters down to 5 microns or so. This is great if your filtering oil for yourself and a few of your friends, but we have to aspire to a higher level if we are to move our industry forward and displace a functional percentage of fossil fuels.


All of our Oil goes through the following procedures:

  1. Industrial Strainer

  2. Heated Separation Tank

  3. Coarse Filter

  4. Pre Heat Tank

  5. Flash Evaporator /Dryer

  6. Evacuation Chamber

  7. Filter

  8. Moisture Test

  9. High Speed Centrifuge #1

  10. Filter

  11. High Speed Centrifuge #2

  12. Polish Filter

At this point the oil is dryer and filtered finer than #2 Diesel at the pump

We feel this is the highest quality filtered VegOil you can purchase for your vehicle.

mercedes auto works




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