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Veg-energy is dedicated to supplying a consistent, quality supply of new and recycled vegetable oil to the growing number of individuals and businesses who are concerned about our earth and have converted their diesel vehicles to run on vegetable oil.

In the 21st century, independence from fossil fuels, pollution of our Earth and global warming are some of our societies greatest concerns, switching to renewable, low emission fuels such as vegetable oil is part of the solution.

One of the largest concerns people have when making the decision to convert over to vegetable oil is finding a consistent supply of clean filtered VegOil at a reasonable price. (This factor was crucial to vegetable oil being considered an accepted fuel in many parts of Europe.)


    We have addressed this concern by providing scheduled delivery of filtered vegetable oil to your home or place of business. This makes using VegOil more convenient than it's petroleum based counterparts

We try to keep our cost of recycled vegetable oil as low as we can, so with the price of sweet crude at a slim $80.00 a barrel we have lowered our price to $3.50/gal. This makes using VegOil stillless expensive than  it's petroleum alternative.

Independence from Foreign & Domestic Fossil Fuels, Reduction of Harmful Pollution in Our Air, Minimizing Our Effect on Global Warming, Lower or Similar Cost and More Convenience.

So what's stopping you from switching over ??



Call us at (909) 762-3948 to schedule a delivery, find an installer or join our Earth Friendly Business Program.