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    Cooling System (Engine)
    126 Standard Chassis.

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Parts Directory 126 Chassis
Air Conditioning & Heating
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Cooling System (engine)
Drive Line and Axels
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Engine (parts, seals, gaskets)
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Fuel, Air and Turbo Systems
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mercedes 300SD
126 Standard Chassis 1981-1991
300SD,SE, 380SE, 380SEC,420SE, 500SEC, 560SEC.

The worlds largest selection of new, used and hard to find Mercedes-Benz 126 standard chassis air conditioning and heating parts. We have auxiliary water pumps, coolant recovery tanks, retrofit kits, coolant tank caps, sensors, cooling fans, fan blades, fan clutches, fan shrouds, oil coolers and lines, radiators and caps, radiator hoses, thermostats transmission coolers and lines, water pumps and a lot more.

Whether you're restoring a classic or  keeping your daily driver running and looking its best we have the parts you need.

Cooling System
Auxiliary engine water pump Fan clutch Radiator hoses
Coolant by-pass hose Fan shroud Radiator mount bushings
Coolant recovery tank Gaskets and seals Radiator mount clip kit
Coolant recovery tank hose Oil cooler Thermostat
Coolant recovery tank retrofit kit Oil cooler lines Thermostat gasket
Coolant recovery tank cap Radiator Thermostat housing gasket
Engine coolant temp sensors Radiator cap Water pump 
Electric cooling fan Radiator drain plug Water pump gasket
Fan blade    

Auxiliary engine water pump
Bosch (A)
Auxiliary engine water pump.
300SE,SD,380SE,SEC,420SE,500SE,SEC,560SE,560SEC. 81- 91
 Qty. required 1
W126 Auxiliary Water Pump

Coolant recovery tank
Genuine (A)
Meyle (B)
Coolant recovery tank. -
300SD, 380SE,SEC 500SE,SEC, 560SE,SEC.
A Genuine OE
B Meyle 
Qty. required 1
W126 Coolant Recovery TAnk

Coolant recovery tank
mercedes auto works
mercedes auto works
Coolant recovery tank. -
Qty. required 1
List        60.00
126 Coolant tank
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Coolant recovery tank hose
Coolant recovery tank hose (A,B)
De-aeration hose (C)
Coolant recovery tank hose. From expansion tank to radiator.
300SD, 380SE,SEC., 81- 85
A Original Mercedes - From recovery tank to bottom of radiator
B MTC - From recovery tank to bottom of radiator
De-aeration hose from expansion tank to engine to radiator
C 380SE, SEC 82- 85  OUT OF STOCK
W126 Coolant Tank Hose
W126 Coolant Tank Hose
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Coolant overflow  hose
Coolant overflow hose (D)
Retrofit Kit
Coolant recovery tank retrofit kit (E)
Coolant overflow hose. From expansion tank to radiator.
D 8mm ID x 2.5 m long. Enough to fit most models
Coolant recovery tank retrofit kit.
E Coolant tank retro fit kit
W126 Coolant Overflow & Retro Kit

Coolant temp sensors
Engine coolant temp sensors
 300SD ('81-'85), 380SE, SEC, 500SEC, 560SE, SEC

A Sensor 3-pin- (at cylinder head) 3 pin. Replaces green unit

B Sensor - Coolant temp at thermostat and cylinder head
C Sensor - cold temp lock out
D Sensor - Automatic idle control. OUT OF STOCK
Match appearance and connection on existing unit prior to ordering.
W126 Coolant Temp Sensors

Electric cooling fan
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Electric cooling fan.
A 300SD 85, 380SE,SEC 82-85, 500SEC 84- 85
B 300SD 81- 84
W126 Electric Cooling Fan


 Fan Blade   
Fan blade.
A 380SE, SEC, 500SEC
B 380SE, SEC, 500SEC Used 
C 300SD
W126 Fan Blade

Fan clutch
Fan clutch.
B 300SD Meyle
C 380SE,SEC 82- 85, 500SE,SEC 82- 85, 560SE,SEC 85- 91 URO
W126 Fan Clutch

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Fan Shroud
Fan shroud.
A 300SD 81- 85
B 380SE,SEC 81- 85, 500SE,SEC 85-91, 560SEC 88-91
 Used only
W126 Fan Shroud

Gaskets and seals
Water pump to engine gasket (A)
Water pump to housing gasket (B)
Gaskets and seals.
A 300SD 81-85 Water pump to housing 5 Hole
B 300SD 81-85 Housing to engine.
W126 Cooling Gaskets & Seals

Gaskets and seals
Thermostat (C)
Thermostat housing to engine (D)
Gaskets and seals.
C 300SD 81-85 Thermostat gasket
D 300SD 81-85 Thermostat gasket housing to engine
W126 Water Pump Gaskets

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Gaskets and seals
Water pump to block (E)
Gaskets and seals.
E 380SE,SEC 81-85, 500SE,SEC 85-91, 560 85-91 Water pump to block
F 300SE,SEC 81-85, 500SE,SEC 81-85 Side of water pump
W126 Water Pump Gaskets

Oil cooler
Oil cooler (A)
Oil cooler lines (C)
Oil cooler. 
300SD 81-85, 380SE,SEC, 500SEC, 560SEC
A New
B Used
Oil cooler lines. 
300SD 81-85, 380SE,SEC, 500SEC, 560SEC
C Upper New
D Lower New
W126 Oil Cooler & Lines

Behr 1981 thru 1985 (A)
Nissens 1981 thru 1985 (B)
300SD 81-85.
B Nissens
Req. 1
W126 Radiator

Nissens (C)
Behr (D)
380SE,SEC 82-85, 500SEC 85-87, 560SEC 86-91
D Nissens-
W126 Radiator

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Radiator mount clip kit.
Radiator mount clip kit (A)
Radiator mount bushings.
Radiator mount bushings 2 per (B)
Radiator mount clip kit and bushings.
300SD 81-85 380SE,SEC 79-85, 500SEC 81-85, 560SE,SEC 85-91
A Radiator mount clip kit.
B Radiator mount bushings.
W126 Radiator Mounts
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Behr (A)
Whaler (B)
300SD 81-85  80 deg Centigrade
A Behr
includes seal
W126 Thermostat
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75deg (C)
84deg (D)
380SE,SEC 82-85, 500SE,SEC 85-91
C  75 deg centigrade
D  84 deg centigrade Factory Standard
includes o-ring gasket
W126 Thermostat

Radiator Hoses
Lower 81 thru 85 (A,B)
Upper 81 thru 85 (C,D)
Radiator hose.
A  81-85 Lower Genuine Mercedes
B  81-85 Lower URO
C  81-85 Upper Genuine Mercedes
D  81-85 Upper URO
W126 Radiator Hoses
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Lower (E)
Upper (F)
Radiator hose.
380SE,SEC 82-85, 500SE,SEC 84-85,
E Lower
F Upper
W126 Radiator Hoses

Lower (G,H)
Upper (I,J)
Radiator hose.
560SEC 86-91 See 126L 86-91
G Lower
H Lower
I Upper
J Upper
W126 Radiator Hoses

Coolant by-pass hose
By-pass hose (A)
Radiator drain plug (B)
Coolant by-pass hose.
380SE,SEC 82-85, 500SE,SEC 84-85, 560SEC 86-91
V8 engines
Radiator drain plug.
300SD 81-85
W126 By-Pass Hose & Drain Plug

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Radiator / Coolant reservoir cap
Coolant reservoir cap 120 deg.(A)
Coolant reservoir cap 140 deg.(B)
Coolant reservoir cap. 120 deg centigrade
300SD 81-85, 380SE,SEC 81-85, 500SE,SEC 84-85
A Genuine Mercedes
B Reutter 1.2bar
C 560SE,SEC 85-91 - 1.4 bar
W126 Radiator / Reservoir Cap

Water Pump
Meyle (A)
Graf (B)
Water pump.
300SD 81-85
A Genuine Mercedes
B Graf HD
W126 Water Pump

Water Pump
Water pump.
380SE,SEC 81-85, 500SE,SEC 84-85 with pulley
C Water Pump Meyle
D Water Pump Graf
Incl. Pulley and gaskets
W126 Water Pump

Water Pump
Water pump.
560SE,SEC 85-91 See 126L 86-91
E Water Pump Laso
F Water Pump Graf
Incl. gaskets
W126 Water Pump
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