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Brake System
Cooling System (engine)
Drive Line and Axels
Electrical, Switches and Cables
Engine (parts, seals, gaskets)
Exhaust, Vacuum and EGR
Fuel, Air and Turbo Systems
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Wheel, Hub & Tire
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mercedes auto works
126 Standard Chassis 1981 - 1991
300SD,SE, 380SE, 380SEC,420SE, 500SEC, 560SEC.

The worlds largest selection of new, used and hard to find Mercedes-Benz 126 standard chassis exhaust, vacuum and EGR parts. We have a full selection of exhaust pipes, seals, clamps, hangers and mufflers to keep your exhaust system intact. We have new and used vacuum pumps for most models, 3/2 valves and replacement levers and some pump repair parts such as diaphragms, and valves. We have EGR valves, smog pumps and assorted other emission system parts. If you don't see the parts you need give us a call, we probably have it. Whether you're restoring a classic or  keeping your daily driver running and looking its best we have the parts you need.

Exhaust, Vacuum and EGR
Exhaust pipes, install kit, seals. Vacuum pump EGR / Emission system
Exhaust clamps Vacuum pump repair kits  
Exhaust system hangers Vacuum hoses, valves and fittings  
Installation kit Vacuum/Booster lines  
Mufflers 3/2 vacuum valve  

Exhaust Pipes
mercedes auto works
Flex exhaust pipe
Flex exhaust pipe. Turbo models  
300SD 1981 thru 1984 and 1985 Federal
A From manifold to center pipe
Does not fit 1985 California with trap can / catalyst system.
A    $ 222.74
List   270.00
126 Exhaust pipe

mercedes auto works
Rear muffler
mercedes auto works
Rear muffler
Rear Mufflers -
A 300SD 1981 thru 1985 rear
B 380SE,SEC 500SEC 1981 thru 1985 on back order
C 560SEC 1986 thru 1991 on back order
Call for shipping methods shipping not included in pricing
A    $ 219.59
List    322.00
B       229.65
List    555.00
C       461.50  
List    550.00
126 Mufflers

Exhaust Clamps
mercedes auto works
Center to rear muffler (A)
mercedes auto works
Center to rear muffler (B)
Exhaust clamps
A 300SD 1981 thru 1985 Center to rear muffler
B 380SE,SEC 500SEC 560SEC Center to rear muffler
A    $  4.50
List   12.00
B        4.85
List   13.00
126 Muffler clamps

Exhaust System Hangers
mercedes auto works
Middle (A)
mercedes auto works
Rear (B)
Exhaust hangers
2300SD,380SE,SEC,500SEC,560SEC 1981 thru 1991
A  Middle at front of muffler
B  Rear at rear or muffler (set of 2)
A    $  4.50
List     4.50
B       5.52
List     4.50
126 center or rear

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Exhaust sealing ring
mercedes auto works
Sealing ring (A)
Exhaust sealing ring
A Sealing ring Front pipe to center muffler
A   $  6.67
List    7.00
126 Exhaust sealing ring
Installation kit
mercedes auto works
Installation kit (A)
Installation kit (B)
Installation kit
A 300SD, 380SE,SEC, 500SEC  not in stock
B 560SEC in stock
A    $  52.80
List     65.00
B        47.82
List     58.00
126 kit

Vacuum System
Vacuum Pump
mercedes auto works
Vacuum pump (A)
Vacuum pump
300SD 1981 thru 1985
A Vacuum pump new
B Vacuum pump used
Includes new gasket
A     $ 488.29
B       175.00
List     655.00
126 Vacuum pump

mercedes auto works
Vacuum pump gasket
Vacuum pump gasket
300SD.1981 thru 1985
A    $ 3.25
List   4.90
126 Vac. pump gasket

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Vacuum Pump Repair Kit
mercedes auto works
Main rebuild kit (A)
mercedes auto works
Diaphragm (B)
Vacuum Pump Repair Kit
300SD.1981 thru 1985
A Main rebuild kit
B Diaphragm
A     $  0.00
List      0.00
B      $  0.00
List      0.00

mercedes auto works
Line fitting (A)
Vacuum pump check valve
300SD 1981 thru 1985
A        $ 67.27
List       73.00
126 Vac pump check valve

Vacuum Hoses, Valves and Fittings
mercedes auto works
Vacuum hose
mercedes auto works
Vacuum check valve
Vacuum Hoses, Lines and Fittings
300SD 1982 thru 1985
A Vacuum hose 3.5mm ID x 7.5mm OD x 10ft length.
Enough to do 5 injectors, a plug and over to the fuel tower.
Cloth covered original factory style hose.
B Vacuum check valve
A       $ 25.00
List       36.00
B          19.62
List       25.00
126 vac. hose and check valve

Vacuum Fittings
mercedes auto works
Vacuum line fitting 3-way (A)
mercedes auto works
Vacuum line fitting  4-way (B)
Vacuum line fittings
300SD 1981 thru 1985
A Vacuum line fitting 3-way
B Vacuum line fitting  4-way
A    $ 4.00
List    5.75
B       3.75
List    9.75
126 Vac. line fittings

mercedes auto works
Small elbow )C)
mercedes auto works
Large elbow (D)
Vacuum line fittings
300SD 1981 thru 1985
A Small elbow at warm up regulator etc
B Large elbow at regenerative valve etc.
C    $ 4.00
List    5.25
D       4.25
List    4.75
126 Vac. line fittings

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3/2 Vacuum valve 
mercedes auto works
3/2 Valve     AVAILABLE
mercedes auto works
Thermo valve
3/2 Vacuum valve 
A 300SD 1981 thru 1985              
Thermo Vacuum valve
B 300SD 1981 thru 1985
A      $ 28.96
List      79.00
B         49.64
List      52.50
126 Vac. 3/2 & thermo valve

mercedes auto works
3/2 Valve lever
mercedes auto works
Steering lock vacuum valve
3/2 Valve replacement lever 
300SD 1981 thru 1985
Steering column lock vacuum motor shut off valve
300SD 1981 thru 1985
Lever  $ 3.00
List       2.50
Lock    21.87
List      23.00
126 Vac. 3/2 lever & shut off

Vacuum/Booster Lines
mercedes auto works
Vacuum pump to booster (A)
mercedes auto works
 Intake manifold to booster  (B)
Vacuum/Booster lines.  
A 300SD 1981 thru 1985 Vacuum pump to brake booster
B 380SE,SEC, 500SEC Intake manifold to brake booster
A     $ 84.17
List     98.00
B     $ 51.63
List     67.00
126 Vac/booster lines

mercedes auto works
Intake manifold to booster (C)
Vacuum/Booster lines. Vacuum pump to brake booster
C 560SEC
C     $ 81.32
List     91.00
126 Vac/booster lines

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Metal Vacuum Lines
Metal vacuum lines
240D,TD, 300D, CD, TD.1977 thru 1985
Used only
Line   $ 45.00
126 Metal Vac line

EGR / Pollution System
mercedes auto works
EGR vacuum solenoid (A)
mercedes auto works
EGR valve (B)
EGR vacuum solenoid 3-way valve
300D, TD, CD. 1977 thru 1981  
EGR Valve
A     $ 59.98
List     65.00
B        229.94
List     310.00
Used    95.00
126 Solenoid & EGR valve

mercedes auto works
EGR pressure converter valve (C)
EGR pressure converter valve
C 300SD 1981 thru 1985
C     $ 145.29
List     162.00
126 EGR pressure converter valve
mercedes auto works
EGR valve gasket (D)
EGR valve gasket
D 300SD 1981 thru 1985
D           2.55
List        3.10
126 EGR gasket

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